The Department organized a seminar on the topic “ Radio Programme Production and Techniques” for II year students(A,B &C section) for the practical paper Radio Jockey ad Video Jockey – III semester. Famous RJ Mr.KayKay, Hello FM(106.4) who has 10 years of Industry Experience came to the campus to deliver the lecture on the topic. He has also worked as a script writer and director for Non-Fiction programmes in Vijay TV. He interacted with students and detailed the importance of live radio programs, log, role of music manager and his/her challenges, role of marketing, sales and programming, bed, copyrights for songs, hot keys, on-air studio setup, advertisements, control panel, root buzz, live editing, live callers, links, mike setup, multi-task challenges of RJ, celebrity interviews, update on current affairs they learnt and observed the real time experience of radio programming and its technical characteristics.