SRM school of film technology

have organized a

5 days online certificate program on Editing

for +1 & +2 school students,

from 26th to 30th July 2021.

Time 10.00 to 11am

Day 1


Topic : What is Editing?

Mrs. Sivamathi

Editing dept – SRM SOFT


Discussed about the basic concepts of visual editing. Manual & Digital Editing workflow.

Basic editing principles, The qualities and values to be developed to become an editor. History of editing etc….


Day 2


Topic : Different Editing Softwares

Mr. Yoga srinivasan

Editing dept – SRM SOFT


Discussed about various editing softwares like Adobe premiere pro, AVID and FCPX etc… how to choose softwares to edit our projects. Technical aspects of visuals etc.


Day 3


Expert Talk

Mr. Gowtham

Head of Engineering – London Tamil Media Works.

Topic : Opportunities for Editors in Television


Discussed about

‘how students has to prepare themself for a Editing job in television medium and how the interview will be conducted by the TV channels for recruiting editors and the Job scope in social media for editors.

He also talked about the supportive knowledge which has to be developed by the editors to excel in their area.


Day 4


Expert Talk


VFX Artist – Autodesk Flame & Smoke

VHQ Media, KL – Malaysia.

(Former Chief Editor – Vijay TV – Chennai.)

Topic : Holistic approach of an Editor in visual media.


He shared 25years of his rich experience he had traveled as a visual media expert. He spoke about how he developed himself from a  linear video editor to feature film editor using AVID. The working experience as a promo editor in VijayTV and how he used the available situation in his workplace to learn about VFX and how to impress clients with our work and our approach.

He also explained about the details of Promo editing. He advised how one has to develop themselves to excel in their choosen carrer and how his editing knowledge have helped him to explore and excel in the other areas like Compositing, vfx and also in various positions starting from technician to supervisor. He also dwelled on  the comparison between indian working style and international working style and how one has to prepare themselves to aim to reach the top..


Day 5


Expert Talk


Editor – Urumeen, Iravukku aayairam kangal, Ratchasan u

(2018 best editor for Ratsasan from vikatanawards)

Topic : Feature Film Editing – Nuances and Challenges…


He explained about

the qualities and the responsibilities of an assistant editor and why it is important to get an experience as an ssistant editor after completing the film studies. He talked about the contribution of an editor in a film project,  nuances of film editing, aesthetic aspects as well as technical details and how to do the editing setup for a feature film….


100 plus participants registered for the programme. Q&A session were conducted at the end of every day session. Students doubts were cleared by experts in detail. Digital certificates will be sent to the participants. On the whole it was an enriching experience for one and all…