SRM school of film technology 

has organized a 

5 days online certificate program on Sound recording and mixing for +1 & +2 school students

from 10th to 14th August 2021

Time 10.00 to 10.40 am

Day 1


Expert talk

Mr. Athul krishnan (Bsc Film technology)

Designation: sync sound Recordist in Bollywood and malayalam film industry

Topic :Sync Sound in Movies

Discussed about the Sync sound recording in cinema .Workflow of Sync sound and different types of microphones used in sync sound and shared his experience.

Day 2


Expert talk

Name : Daniel louis

Designation: Mixing and mastering Engineer in DJ media

Topic :Mixing and Mastering

Discussed about mixing and mastering  .Workflow of Song recording  and different types of softwares used in song recording  and shared his experience.

Day 3



Sound department-  SRM SOFT

Topic : Introduction to Recording softwares

Discussed about the  recording softwares in media . explained about workflow of recording software   like protools and nuendo. Technical aspects of sound recording and  shared his experience.

Day 4


Expert Talk

Name : M.Iyyanar (Msc,Mphil, D.F.Tech)

Designation: Sound Engineer in Electronic Media in Pondicherry University

Topic :Responsibility of Sound Eng in Television

Discussed about

‘how students has to prepare themself for a Sound engineer  job in television medium and how the interview will be conducted by the TV channels for recruiting Sound engineer  and the Job scope in social media for Sound engineers.

He also talked about the supportive knowledge which has to be developed by the sound engineers to excel in their area.

Day 5


Expert Talk

Name : Arun kumar ( D.F.Tech)

Designation: Sound Engineer in Hello FM

Topic :Responsibility of Sound Eng in FM Station

He shared 20years of his rich experience as a Sound engineer. He spoke about how he developed himself from a  Television  to feature film  using Pro Tools. The working experience as a promo Sound engineer in ZEE TV and how he used the available situation in his workplace to learn about SFX and how to impress clients with our work and our approach.

He also explained about the details of Promo Sound Mixing

35 plus participants registered for the programme. Q&A session were conducted at the end of every day session. Students doubts were cleared by experts in detail. Digital certificates will be sent to the participants. On the whole it was an enriching experience