Five – Day Faculty Development Programme on Art Of Effective Teaching


The college of Science and Humanities, DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH AND OTHER FOREIGN LANGUAGES organised a Five- Day Faculty Development Program, ART OF EFFECTIVE TEACHING For Faculty Members & Research Scholars from 16.08.2021 to 20.08.2021 to develop the art and strategies for effective teaching through online mode during the pandemic period.


The programme was convened by Dr. V. Rema, Prof. & Head, EFL, organized by Mrs. S. Sylviya and Mrs. M. Nathiya, coordinated by Dr. T. Sri Devi and Ms. Agalya VT Raj. About 100 faculties and research scholars from various colleges attended the program.


On 16.08.2021 Sessions I Best Practices for Online Instruction was conducted by Dr. S. Vijayakumar, Remote Editor & Educational Consultant, Cardinal Education, United StatesIELTS Trainer. He enlightened the faculty members with what are the variable choices and chances of being the best learner and teacher in the digital era.


On 17.08.2021, Session II was conducted by Dr. D.E. Benet, Associate Professor of English, and Co-Ordinator IQAC, National College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli. He educated the audience about the changes and challenges in Pedagogical Practices.


On 18.08.2021, Session III was presented by Ms. Riya Mary Peter, Editor & Research Scholar, St. Thomas College, Palai on Integrating Technology into ELT during the Pandemic Period: Virtual Tools to aid Educators. She instructed to employ various tools for the enhancement of effective online teaching.


On 19.08.2021, Session IV was conducted by Dr. P. Padmini, Associate Professor of English, Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai on Digital Pedagogy: Incorporating ICT with teaching which helped the audience transforming the academic culture and teaching-learning process.


On 20.08.2021, Session V was presented by Dr.B. Pavithra, Assistant Professor of English, PSG College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore on Effective Teaching- Strategies and Methods. She insisted on the importance of teamwork in the workplace and detailed the faculty members how to manage relationships with students.