A Two – Day Orientation Programme for I year B.A. English Literature Students

The Department of English organized a 2-day Orientation Programme for I B.A. English Literature Students on 13-09-2021 & 14-09-2021.

Day 1:

The session was commenced by Dr. V. Rema, Professor & Head of the Department of English, Department of English & Other Foreign Languages, SRM – IST, Ramapuram, Chennai. She gave a vivid description on the Department of English, the Syllabus, curriculum, rules and regulations of the college. Moreover, Dr. V. Rema gave a brief explanation on the webinars, conferences, faculty development programmes and workshops conducted by the Department of EFL. The fore-noon session also had a motivational talk – ‘Inspire to Aspire’ by Dr. S. Sangeetha Priya, Assistant Professor, Department of EFL. She motivated the students and made the session very interactive. Dr. S. Sangeetha Priya gave a brief outline on the importance of internal motivation and guided the students to balance their emotions. The afternoon session ‘Literature, A Mirror of Life’ was conducted by Dr. N. Sumathi, Assistant Professor, Department of EFL. Dr. N. Sumathi gave a detailed description on the history of English Literature, its growth, the genres, significant playwrights like Shakespeare, epics like Paradise Lost , mythology and language’s deeper impact over literature

Day 2:

The forenoon session, ‘The Art of Calligraphy’ was begun by Mr. V. Amudhabharathi, Assistant Professor, Department of EFL. The session was about the origin of calligraphy. Mr. V. Amudhabharathi explained in detail about the basic rules and techniques involved in Calligraphy (Cursive Writing). He made the session interactive. It was followed by ‘Fun with Words – I’ by Ms. D. Thilagavathi. Ms. D. Thilagavathi had framed many games and puzzles associated with English Language. In this session, the students were more lively and enthusiastic. They responded actively for the questions of Ms.D.Thilagavathi.

The afternoon session began with the introduction of clubs and activities by Ms. B. Sridevi. She gave a brief introduction on the various clubs associated with the Department of EFL. The Co-ordinators of various clubs presented their objective of the club. The student members of each club gave wonderful performances in the virtual platform. This made the first year B.A. students more enthusiastic. Ms. B. Sridevi encouraged the first year students to actively take part in the programmes organized by the college. The Orientation Programme came to a conclusion with the interactive session of Ms.A. Monika. Her session ‘Fun with words – II’ indulged lot of the first year students to participate actively. Ms. A. Monika motivated them to write poems or make any creative piece of writing. The session was enjoyed by the students. Both the sessions were attended by the first year B.A. English Literature students. Around 20 of them attended both the sessions and they had given their positive responses in their feedback.

Convener: Dr. V. Rema

Event Co-ordinators: Dr. S. Sangeetha Priya, Ms. D. Thilagavathi, Dr.N.Sumathi,              Ms. B. Sridevi, Ms. A. Monika & Mr.V.Amudhabharathi