An English debate on the title “National Education Policy – Opportunities and Challenges” was organized on 21.10.2021 at Block V, II Floor, Room No.201 for the faculty members of College of Science and Humanities as per the guidance of Dr.C.Sundar, Dean/ CSH, best wishes of Dr.J.Dhilipan, Vice-Principal(Admin) in the presence of Dr.N.Asokan, Vice-Principal(Academic), Dr.V.Rema, Professor & Head, Department of EFL and Coordinated and Moderated by Dr.G.Immanuel, Assistant Professor(Sl.G) / EFL with the following participants :


1. Dr Chandramouli/BCOM


1. Ms. S Suganya/BCOM


2. Mr. Krishna moorthy/ MCA


2.Dr Jeyachandran/BCA


3. Dr.Kabirdas Devi/BCOM


3. Dr.Sangeethapriya/EFL


The debate began with the welcome address by Dr.V.Rema, followed by the felicitations by Dr.N.Asokan. The participants were given 5 minutes each to defend their side. It was an enlightening and a memorable one.