College of Science and Humanities of SRM IST Ramapuram Campus Organized

“Three Day Virtual International Conference on “Accelerating Global Higher Education in the VUCA Prime World- December 1-3, 2021”

This International Conference examine the different ways of leading higher educational institutions comprising “VUCA Prime”.

 Vision-the ability to communicate a clear intent of the desired future—a counter-response to volatility;

Understanding– the ability to stop-look-and-listen—a counter-response to uncertainty;

Clarity-quality of being systematic and coherent and can simplify complex situations, clarity is the counter-response to complexity; and

Agility-being a very dynamic leader who can move quickly to respond to a specific condition, an agile leader will be able to foster a positive power and authority across an organization that has two way-flow to enable adaptive and rapid decision-making and action—a counter-response to ambiguity.

Wednesday, 1st December 2021 Day 1: Inauguration 10.00 hrs. – 11.30 hrs.

Dr.N.Asokan-Vice Principal Academic, and Conference Secretary presented the welcome address.

During his address he welcomed the chief guests, keynote speakers, participants and other dignitaries for accepting our invitation and their keen interest in sharing the knowledge. He added that there are some challenges in Higher Education across the globe. He concluded his address by stating that the four attributes taken as the theme of the Conference will certainly provide suitable solutions for handling the bottlenecks.

This International Conference reveals changes in how students and teachers view the VUCA Prime world —and, importantly, what these changes mean for leading post-pandemic. From these insights, educational leaders can create the future of their educational institutions.

This International Conference is the premier multidisciplinary forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of VUCA Prime in higher educational institutions. The conference will bring together leading educationists, academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world.


Dr.J.Dhilipan-VP Admin. (S & H) offered felicitations.  During his address he stated that the topic of the Conference is the Need of the hour. He concluded his address by explaining that by means of our vision and mission, SRMIST is taking lots of initiatives to provide quality Higher Education to our students.

Dr.C.Sundar-Dean (S & H) offered felicitations.

During his address he explained what the three-letter word SRM is the hot cake among the students across the globe. Started in the year 1965 with less than 300 students, now it has been identified as top universities across the globe with 50000+ students and 5000+ faculty members. The CSH has been conducting its third international conference since August 2021. This conference attracts excellent topics with eminent speakers across the globe.

He highlighted that how Nalandha University in ancient times attracted lots of foreign students to take up their Higher studies in India. As of now only 8% of foreign students are taking up their Higher Education in India.

He concluded his address by stating that SRMIST has grown in leaps and bounds where students from among 54 countries across the globe have taken up their Higher Education in our University and in future, with the help of NEP2020,  the count will definitely increase.

Dr. Kalpana Gopalan presented the key note address. She added that the Conference will be an actual demonstration of VUCA principles. She explained with examples , how do we shape our Higher Education in  Three Dimensional Aspects

  1. What is the context of tomorrow’s Education?
  2. What are the Teaching Pedagoggies of Tomorrow’s education?
  3. Challenges and Consequences- How we are going to meet?

She explained the above points with suitable evidences and solutions

Felicitation Address by Dr.V.Subbiah Bharathi-Director, SRMIST, Ramapuram & Trichy Campus.

Dr.N.Sethuraman-Chief Director,  SRMIST, Ramapuram & Trichy Campus presented the Presidential address.

Inaugural Address delivered by Prof. G.L.D. Wickramasinghe, PhD, Director General, Colombo Plan Staff College.   President, Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification   Commission (APACC), Philippines.

Wednesday, 1st December 2021 Day 1: Inauguration 18.20 hrs. – 20.30 hrs.

Dr. B. Venkatachalapathy Dean Research offered felicitations. During his address he emphasized the need of VUCA and also spoke about Adapting to changes quickly, which is the Need of the hour.

Session 1:  Administering Higher Educational Institutions in the VUCA Prime World” handled by Lachlan MacKinnon-CEO/Principal

 Cambridge International School-Dubai

Session 2: Globalization and Higher Education handled by

Mr. Raja P. Arumugham (Ex. IAAS) Chief Administrative Officer (Syria)-Office of the Special Envoy for Syria-United Nations, -Geneva/ Switzerland

Session 3: Mr. Sredharran Sampath–CEO-Aspire Training Consultancy FZE, Fujairah- Creative City, Fujairah, UAE.

Thursday, 2nd December 2021 Day 2: Conference 16.20 hrs. – 80.30 hrs.

Felicitation by Dr.K.V.Narayanan- DEAN – IQAC-

SRM Group of Institutions-RAMAPURAM, CHENNAI


Prof. Dr. Zeliha SELAMOGLU, Nigde Omer Halisdemir University-Medicine Faculty, Medical Biology Department, Nidge, Cappadocia Region, Turkey.

Dr. Zeliha SELAMOGLU discussed about Global higher education in VUCA world Current scenario and Impact of Covid 19 in VUCA

Session 2:

Speaker: Dr. Lee Elisa Pheiffer Deputy

Director Academic, Middlesex University Mauritius

Theme: The only certainty is uncertainty:

The future of enrolment planning in HE in the time of Covid.

Session 3:

Prof Dr Haslinda Abdullah

Director-NDUM Institute of Executive Education-Faculty of Defence Studies and Management-National Defence University Malaysia

Theme  Challenges and Way Forward of Higher Education Institution in the VUCA Era


Session 4:

Keynote Speaker: Prof. N. Panchanatham, Vice-Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University, Chennai, India.

Friday, 3rd December 2021 Day 3 Conference: 18.20 hrs. -20.30 hrs.

Dr.-A.SARAVANAN DEAN – ACADEMIC SRM IST Ramapuram, Chennai, India offered felicitations.

He congratulated the organizers for taking initiatives for arranging a wonderful conference like this which is most important in current scenario. Dean Academic added that Excellent topics were taken as theme. After Covid lockdown, faculty members of our honorable institutions started taking online classes immediately after the day of announcement of lockdown.

Session 1:  Globalization and Higher Education

Speaker: Dr. Indranil Bose

Harvard Business Review Advisory Council Member,

Head Academics- Northwood University IPC Ras Aln, Northwood University IPC RAK, Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Session 2: Re-Imagining Higher Education in the VUCA Prime World

Speaker:Prof. G. Joseph Dunston,

Former Vice Chancellor, St.Joseph’s University

Dimapur, Nagaland, India

Session 3: Speaker Dr. Rajan R Patil

Epidemiolgist, SRMIST,

WHO consultant for Covid19 pandemic control in South Asia and Africa

Visiting Fellow-Columbia University, New York USA

Session 5: Teaching as Transformative Practice in a VUCA-Prime World

Keynote Speaker : Eleanor Vandegrift, Programme

Director of Global Science Education Initiatives

University of Oregon, USA

Eleanor Vandegrift discussed about “Teaching as Transformative Practice in a VUCA-Prime World”

In this session, She explored the ways in which teaching can be a transformative practice to help prepare students and universities to respond to global challenges and opportunities. Implementation of evidence-based teaching practices aligns well with the elements of VUCA-Prime (vision, understanding, clarity, and agility) to keep students at the center of the teaching and learning environment.

Dr N Asokan- Conference Secretary and Vice Principal Academic presented vote of thanks.  He thanked all the management committee members, dignitaries, keynote speakers, organizing committee members, and enthusiastic participants and their invaluable time to make this conference a grand success.