Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU) signing ceremony between Department Of Computer Science (B.Sc) & Ozone Cyber Security (Ocs), Ernakulam, Kerala.

SRM INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY RAMAPURAM CAMPUS, FACULTY  OF SCIENCE AND HUMANITIES, DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE (B.Sc), Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU) signing ceremony between DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE (B.Sc)&OZONE CYBER SECURITY (OCS), Ernakulam, Kerala, Date  : 24.01.2022, Time : 12.01 pm Venue: PG Dental Block, Conference Hall, 2nd Floor.

  • A welcome note was addressed by C. Sundar/Dean, Faculty of Science and Humanities and he has briefly emphasized how the  MoU signing will help in reinforcing the industrial institutional connection and highlighted  the need of cybersecurity for conducting different technical activities in the Faculty of  Science and Humanities.
  • S. Niranjan, Co-Chairman,SRMIST, Ramapuram Campus, Signed the MoU with OCS. He has appreciated both the parties for showing their interest in the MoU Signing and he is further interested to collaborate his sister concerns with OCS.
  • N. Sethuraman , Chief Director, SRMIST, Ramapuram has discussed about the growth of the Cyber Security in the current scenario and also insisted that  most young minds  are interested in the Cyber Security.
  • V. Subbaiah Bharathi, Director, SRMIST, Ramapuram, has enlightened about Industry – Institution interaction and also expressed the role of IT industry in the metro cities of India.
  • A. Saravanan, Dean ( Academic) has stated the need of the Industry relationship for academic activities.
  • B. Venkatachalapathy, Dean(Research) has discussed about the Funding activities through Industry – Institute Interaction.
  • J.Dhilipan.VP (Admin), Dr. N.Asokan, VP, (Academic),Dr. S. Umarani,HoD/CS and Dr.GV Shrichandran AP/CS  were present in the MOU Signing Ceremony.