College of Science and Humanities

Department of Commerce



Opportunities & Recent Changes in TNPSC & Staff Selection Commission 2022


DATE: 03.02.2022 Time: 10.00 a.m to 11.00 a.m

The Programme Started with Official Welcome by Mr. Kiran Balaji.  The Chief Guest Speaker was introduced by Ms. Sneha. Guest Speaker Mr. P.BALA SHANKAR M.E., Founder & Director, Jothi IAS Academy, Trichy, addressed the students. He explained the Opportunities & Recent Changes in TNPSC & Staff Selection Commission. Mr. P.BALA SHANKAR.  Started the talk with giving a brief statistics on the current employability status of college students. He highlighted the growth of opportunities in TNPSC & SSC. His talk also focused on the recent trends in TNPSC & SSC which aids placement. He listed down more than fifteen roles/designation currently being practiced in TNPSC & SSC; their skill set requirement under various ministries & departments, job responsibilities etc. and explained the career growth ladder. Mr. Mr. P.BALA SHANKAR emphasized on the importance of right mix of knowledge, attitude and additional skills for a successful career. The talk provided the students a platform for sharing their thoughts and was endowed with proper guidance regarding all the aspects of career in core TNPSC & SSC field.

 The beneficiaries were students from Commerce Department. The students have also largely benefitted from the “Digital Webinar”.

Around 101 participants took active participation in this webinar. At the end of the programme a formal Vote of thanks proposed by Ms.Akshaya.The programme was well convened by

Dr. T.Rani, Assistant Professor, Commerce Department. The Webinar was well structured and coordinated by Dr.V.Prabakaran, Assistant Professor.