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One-Week National Level Professional Development Program (PDP)


The Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Science and Humanities, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram campus has organized a virtual one-week Professional Development Program (PDP) on “AVENUES OF BIOTECHNOLOGY” from 20.06.2021 to 26.06.2022.

In this 7-day PDP program, seven eminent speakers from different leading institutions were invited to deliver the lecture. It includes five faculties and two industrial personalities. Totally, 288 faculties, teachers and research scholars across the country were registered in this program.  On the first day, the program was inaugurated with a formal welcome address delivered by Dr. Kamaraj. M, Associate Professor & Head (i/c). Subsequently, Dr. R. Ganesamoorthy of the Department of Chemistry, Vinayaga Mission Research Foundation, Salem, Tamil Nadu, has delivered a lecture on “Nano-materials in water treatment” and detailed the types of nanomaterials involved in water treatment, application, and limitations.

On the second day, Dr. M. D. Balakumaran, Department of Biotechnology, D G Vaishnav College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu has delivered a talk on “Silver nanoparticles from biological systems – An eco-friendly approach” and discussed different methodologies employed to overcome the problem in synthesis. On the third day, a lecture on “Regulation of GAPDH and mitochondrial dynamics treatment for NSCLC having p53 mutant gene” was given by Dr. K. Kasthuri, Ph.D., Department of Biochemistry, Tagore Medical College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She has elaborately discussed the basics of mutation and lung cancer, risk factors involved in lung cancer, and the mechanistic action of nobiletin in it.

On the fourth day, Dr. Gautam Kumar of the Department of Life Sciences, Central University of South Bihar, Gaya, Bihar  has delivered an excellent talk on “Understanding the mechanisms of environmental stress tolerance in plants”. He has elaborately discussed the difference between the susceptibility and tolerance of plants, and detailed the mechanism of salinity tolerance in wild rice and the transgenic approach. On the fifth day, Dr. J. Aravind, Department of Biotechnology, Saveetha School of Engineering, Chennai, Tamil Nadu has delivered a lecture on “Sustainable approach for handling emerging contaminants through biotechnology” which includes the details on the emerging contaminants and health impacts, microplastics, biotechnological means of the remediation process, and their limitations.

On the penultimate day, Dr. Vishnu Kiran Manam, Senior scientist, IB Group, Aquaculture, Chennai, Tamil Nadu has delivered a lecture on “Real-time PCR and its applications”. This industry-based resource person has explained the types of PCR, real-time PCR mechanisms, ct value and the solutions to overcome the problems arises in handling this technique. On the last day, Dr. M. Chakravarthi, Quality Manager, Indian Society for Certification of Organic Products, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu has delivered a talk on “Genome editing in plants”, in which he has explained about the basics of genome editing, enzymes involved, CRISPR/Cas 9 and challenges in sugarcane.

            Participants from various institutes from all over India actively participated in all seven sessions, and in each session, they interacted fruitfully with resource persons to clarify their doubts. They commanded that this PDP program has updated their knowledge in different fields of biological sciences which will be very useful in their research and teaching. In the final session, this professional development program is ended up with a formal vote of thanks by Dr. S. Manimegalai, Asssistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology. The e- certificates were sent to all the active participants.

 The department faculties, Dr. S. Manimegalai, Dr. R. Vinoth Kumar. G, Dr. G. Priya, Dr. S. Suresh and Dr. G. Rajendran have organized the event like hosting, guest introduction, and vote of thanks for each session.