Expert Talk: Personal Development – Looking Inward and focusing on ways to better yourself

To enhance one’s capacities, nurture talent, work on one’s weaknesses and transform them into their inner strengths, Department of Mathematics, SRMIST, Ramapuram organized an Expert Talk on “Personal Development – Looking Inward and focusing on ways to better yourself” exclusively for Teachers and Students on 23.07.2022.

Date & Time:


10.30 AM IST

Topic: Personal Development – Looking Inward and focusing on ways to better yourself

Resource Person:

Mr. Renukaradhya D

Head of Human Resources,

Daramic Battery Separator

India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore.

Mr. Renukaradhya started his expert talk with the quote “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.

He said personality development refers to the process by which the organized thought and behavior patterns that make up a person’s unique personality emerge over time. Many factors influence personality, including genetics and environment, how we were parented, and societal variables.

Mr. Renukaradhya explained three components of Freud’s model of Personality:

The id is the aspect of personality present at birth. It is the most primal part of the personality and drives people to fulfil their most basic needs and urges.

The ego is the aspect of personality charged with controlling the urges of the id and forcing it to behave in realistic ways.

The superego is the final aspect of personality to develop and contains all of the ideals, morals, and values imbued by our parents and culture.

He explained about defense mechanisms which are unconscious psychological responses that protect people from feelings of anxiety, threats of self-esteem. He spoke on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Characteristics of Self-Actualized individuals, Johari Window and its benefits.

Mr. Renukaradhya concluded the session with an open forum for participants.

Nearly 100 Participants enthusiastically participated in the session.