The Department of Visual Communication


one day Workshop on Visual Effects

Date: Aug 29,2022

Time: 10:00am


Mr.Varan,VFX Specialist.

The workshop was conducted for the 1st and 3rd year students of the department. The session focused on the essential tools and industrial methods of keying and compositing by using leading compositing software. Mr.Varan also shared the usage of color correcting film plates and multi pass compositing. During the 4-hour workshop, the students had the opportunity to work on some industrial footage, enabling them to composite CG elements and live action footage, which they found to be very beneficial in understanding the concepts practically. The guest speaker added on Camera Projection techniques and Outdoor Shooting techniques. During the end of session, the students were given an introduction of camera projection and match moving basics in Adobe After Effects and Boujou software.The session was very informative and interactive which was organized by Ms.P.Yuvarani,Asst Professor,Visual Communication