On August 15th 2022, the students of Commerce Department from College of Science and Humanities of SRM IST, Ramapuram campus organised and participated in the world record event (Kalam Books of Records) as part of 75th Independence Day celebration. The students set a world record by carving 450 Sq.ft National Flag using 900 kgs of vegetables. The event was marked a world record registered with Kalam Books of Records. The grand event was covered by various news channels which made the students to feel proud and patriotic. Mr. Harish, Chief Adjudicator of Kalam Books of Records presented the World Record Achievement Award and Certificate to Dr.N.Sethuraman, Chief Director, SRM Group of Institutions. Also, Dr.V.Subbaih Bharathi, Director, SRM IST, Ramapuram, Maj.Prof.M. Venkat Ramanan, Dean S & H, SRM IST, Ramapuram, the vice principals Dr.J.Dhilipan and Dr.N.Asokan and faculty mentors participated and congratulated the students for their innovative efforts leading to the success of this grand event. Vegetables used for depicting national flag were distributed to nearby orphanages.