The Department of Computer Science and Applications (MCA) is organized a Industry Expert Talk on “Institute to Industry – Career Guidance Program” on 17.9.22 (10.00 AM to 12.00 Noon) at 1st Floor, Gallery Hall, Block V

Guest Speaker: Mr.Kamalavannan, Project Manager, CapeGemini, Chennai

Mr.Kamalavannan, the Guest Speaker started his speech with his experiences as a MCA student before 30 years and continued with the necessary points on preparing the students for placement interview. To begin with, he asserted on giving true information in resume and guided the ways of impressing the interviewer by the good performance. He discussed about Y2K problem and the usage of COBOL language in Main Frame Computers. He gave an awareness on the avenues opened in industries for the young student community. There was an interactive session with the students after the talk and the students’ raised questions on scope for data science and cyber security in future years. Nearly 150 students are benefited through this session.