SRM Institute of Science and Technology, College of Management, Ramapuram

Celebrated Navratri Festival between 26.09.2022 and 03.10.2022.

            The Celebration includes a thematic display of 3 step Golu which was set by the students and staff of MBA and BBA department in the MBA staff room.  The pooja was headed and done by Dr. C. Sundar, Dean, College of Management, followed by the Head of the Department of MBA Dr. R Arulmoli and Head of the Department of BBA, Dr. Rekha BBA.  The staff and students sung devotional songs to workship God.  As a token of love of after pooja the south Indian sundal varieties and sweet recipes were distributed to the staff and students.  As a part of celebration, a platform to bring out and boost the student’s talent several Management and Added competitions like Photography, Pot Decor, Rangoli and Devotional Solo Songs were conducted to the students of BBA and MBA. Finally, the champions were awarded and honoured by Dr. C. Sundar, Dean, College of Management.