Strategies for Masters Project – stimulation
for qualitative research embarking to
Organized By The
Dr. S. Chitra Srinivasan
Dr. S. Vijayalakshmi
Student Coordinator
Date : 20th October, 2022
Time & Venue : 06:30 Pm Through Zoom Meeting
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Session Speaker: Dr. R Gowtham, Assistant professor Department of commerce, school of
commerce, finance and accountancy, Christ deemed to be university (Bangalore).
Number of participants : Interested students who self-volunteered from final year of M.Com, B.Com
General and B.Com IAF had participated in the session and an average strength of 79 students had been
present through the session.
This seminar was organized by the department of commerce (Hons) SRMIST Ramapuram. Our resource
person is Dr. R Gowtham, Assistant professor Department of commerce, school of commerce, finance and
accountancy, Christ deemed to be university (Bangalore). The purpose of this seminar was to educate post
graduate students on how to conduct research and present their project. As projects are a vital part of
graduation, one must learn to conduct proper research for a project and do clear qualitative and quantitative
The resource person, Mr. Gowtham started the seminar by emphasizing the participants the need for a clear,
written project which is a part of graduation. He then moved onto explaining the approach to statistical
analysis for descriptive studies. He explained how one must classify the type of variable as categorical or
numerical to obtain inferential statistics. He moved on how to construct the project by a flow of discussion
which comprised the following: summarization of important findings, comparison with literature, strengths
and limitations and conclusion.
He also explained the steps and the procedure to prepare the manuscript from thesis or projects. He also
presented and explained the algorithm for language and content editing. He instructed the steps that needs to
be followed while referencing on data like thorough literature search, download full text articles, record the
full bibliographic details, insert citation at the appropriate place etc. He explains the steps in preparing the
abstracts and key points to prepare during the presentation. Finally, he gave instructions on how to present
table of contents. overall it was an informative and interactive session.
Minutes of Meeting:
Introduction of guest speaker by Dr.S.Chitra – 6:05 Pm
Commencement of session – 6:08 Pm
Research topic identification process – 6:15 Pm
Research framework – 6:30 Pm
Audience and faculty Q&A session – 7:20
Vote of thanks by Dr. S. Vijayalakshmi – 7:26 Pm
Purpose of the seminar:
To motivate students perusing research
Understand the various stages of research
Conceptual understanding of statistical elements of research
Utilization of variables in research
Outcome of the seminar
Better understanding of research
Understanding and implementation of efficient frame work
Clarity shined upon review of literature in various formats
Students getting awareness on research procedure