Date : 16th September, 2022
Venue: Department of commerce
Time : 12:00 Pm
Session Title: Synergistic session on women and entrepreneurship
Session Date: 16th September, 2022
Time: 12:00 pm
Session Speaker: Ms. Sneha Baisani Founder – Instyle Uniforms
Number of participants : Interested students who self-volunteered from final year of M.Com, B.Com
General and B.Com IAF had participated in the session and an average strength of 64 students had been
present through the session.
A wonderful, innovative and informative seminar was organised and conducted by our very own
Department of Commerce. The seminar, titled “Synergistic Session on Women and Entrepreneurship” was
organised for the sole purpose of helping its participants understand and learn about women and their
relationship towards the entrepreneurship sector. The seminar helped participants learn about how women
do certain activities and actions to survive and succeed in the field of entrepreneurship differently and
uniquely. The resource person for this informative session was Ms Sneha Baisani, founder of the company
Instyle Uniforms.
The session started with the speaker introducing themselves and greeting the audience. Then the speaker
moved on to the session where they introduced the topic which is “Synergistic Session on Women and
Entrepreneurship” and gave a brief introduction and summary of everything that they were going to talk
about in the particular session to give clarity to the audience and participants. The speaker then moved on to
speak about various information such as women and their strengths and weaknesses, how they do the
various activities of life to survive in life as well as in the field of entrepreneurship. The speaker spoke about
how women help shape the world into something better and how their guidance and participation have
helped in the advancement of the field of entrepreneurship.
The speaker was excellent in getting their point across to the audience in a detailed and understandable
manner. The speaker spoke about various important issues and touched down on almost every topic in
relation to women and the field of entrepreneurship which is exactly why the audience found the seminar
interesting and helpful in several ways. The seminar was concluded by the speaker after which a Q&A was
conducted by the speaker with several participants asking questions and the speaker replying to them. The
seminar was, in short, very well presented with clarity and a good amount of detailing to make it interesting
enough but not too much as to make it boring or repetitive for the audience.
Minutes of Meeting:
 Welcome speech by MC – 12:00 PM
 Starting of the presentation – 12:10 PM
 A brief explanation about women’s life in entrepreneurship -12:20 PM
 Q&A Session – 12:45 PM
 Vote of thanks by MC – 1:00 PM
Purpose of the seminar:
 To educate the participants on women’s life in entrepreneurship
 To make participants be aware of the opportunities available to them.
 To emphasize the need for women entrepreneurs in India
 To educate the participants about entrepreneurship.
Outcome of the seminar
 Participants knew about the various opportunities available for women entrepreneurs
 Participants were educated about the qualifications they need to have to be entrepreneurs
 Participants knew about the subsidies available to them
 Participants were made aware about how to be professional as an entrepreneur.