The Department of Computer Science is organized Guest Lecture on  Metaverse and NFT for Second year B.Sc (CS) on 30-07-2022. Dr.S.Umarani ( Hod/CS) presented the welcome address. She welcomed the Guest speaker of today’s Session, Staff and Students. She insisted the students to make use of the guest lecture and initiated students to be active throughout the interactive session.Dr. Jebamalar Tamilselvi gave a succinct introduction about the session’s guest speaker. Guest Speaker was Dr. D. Surendran, Professor, Karpagam College of Engineering, Coimbatore & Founder & CEO SKS Skill Fasteners, Coimbatore Started the session with a motivational video. He gave insights on Metaverse transforming the future. He spoke about how Metaverse creates a virtual world. Information on how cellphones will become obsolete and be replaced by Metaverse goggles. Discussion on NFT will increase the security of one-one transactions. There was also discussion on the blockchain and how it will eliminate the need for middlemen. Finally, we had an interactive doubt session. Total Participants: 78. The entire session was very useful and informative to everyone. The session formally ended with the vote of thanks proposed by Mr. R. Loganathan 2nd year Bsc Computer Science student.