Three days Global Workshop on Emerging Technologies in Computer Science

organized on

21st December to 23rd December 2022.

Various college and SRM IST faculties, students, and research scholars were benefited through this workshop.

Day 1 :

Resource person: Mr.ArulsagaiArulsamy CEO/Founder, LexHawk Consulting, Coimbatore

Topic : Cyber Security and its Social Challenges

  • To introduced his website LexHawk to the audience. He explained the home page clearly.
  • Informed about their credit of securing second place in headnote writing
  • Clearly state that the entrepreneurship and told about Ms.Biocon, a successful lady entrepreneur.
  • Then he focused to talk about Online marketing was explained further
  • Create awareness on the patent certificate courses WIPO, NALSA
  • Discussed about the instances subject to vulnerability and he quoted the sites for cyber security and cyber laws.
  • Online banking fraud
  • ATM fraud
  • Fake news on Social Media
  • Fake profile and Data theft were elaborated

Day: 2

Resource Person 1 Resource person 2
Dr.V.Murali Bhaskaran Dr.Suresh Kumar
Dean, Academics and Professor in CSE Professor in CSE
Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai
MC Member, CSI Chennai chapter

Topic : Sensors and Actuators used in IOT

  • Introduction on the sensors and actuators in human body
  • Explained with an example of driver less cars and gave an beginning to the topic
  • Reviewed some sensors and actuators in mobile and gave examples such as ambient, finger print,. humidity, temperature & pressure sensors and touch screen sensors.
  • Special categories of sensors capturing weather conditions
  • Explain about the vibration Sensors and robot movements
  • Definition of IOT and explained the applications such as smart cities, smart home appliances and the influence of IOT in agriculture.
  • Some of the characteristics of IOT such as dynamic global network were discussed.
  • IOT protocols were reviewed.
  • Different IOT levels such as Home automation, smart irrigation etc., were explored.
  • Raspberry system was introduced to the audience
  • Outlined the pin configuration and explained the mapping of python programming to Raspberry using BCM mode.
  • Some important real world applications such as smoke detecting system were discussed and he concluded the session.

Day: 3

Resource person:

Mr.Sendhilnath Anbalagan

Principal Data Scientist &

Global offering manager,

Kyndryl Solution Pvt. Ltd.,

Topic : Research directions and the future of Artificial Intelligence

  • Introduction on IT infrastructure, Data Centre, Virtualization and public cloud.
  • Explained about the history of cloud.
  • Reviewed the differences among public, private and hybrid clouds.
  • Explained the cloud models.
  • Clear explanation on the definition of AI.
  • Elaborated the branches of AI such as Deep learning, Natural Language processing, Neural networks, Computer vision and machine learni
  • States that the differences between 3 types of AI and spoke about the applications of AI.
  • Qualitative and quantitative Data types, data science life cycle and data engineering were discussed.
  • Some of the real world examples like predicting flight delay using ML were quoted.
  • Impact of AI revolution in health care, transportation, education and cyber security were analysed.
  • detail note on future of AI and concluded the session