Event: A One Day Faculty Industry Immersion Program.

Date  : 29-07-2024

Time : 11 am to 3 pm

Venue: TICEL Bio Park, No 5, CSIR Road, Taramani, Chennai – 600 113.

Event Convenor: Dr.M.Kamaraj, Associate Professor & Head/Biotechnology

Event Coordinator: Dr.Suresh.S, Assistant Professor/Biotechnology

No. of Participants: 06

Summary of the Event:

The program commenced with a welcome note and brief introduction about TICEL Bio Park by Dr. Senthil Kumar, Scientific Manager, TICEL Bio Park, Taramani, Chennai. Faculty members were then taken on a tour of the core biotechnology instruments facility at TICEL Bio Park, guided by Mr. Vinoth Kumar, Assistant Manager, TICEL Bio Park, Taramani, Chennai.


Highlights of the session include:


Introduction of Biotechnology Core Instrumentation Facility (BICIF): Sponsored by DBT and the Government of Tamil Nadu in 2014, adhering to GMP compliance (Biosafety Level 1).


Laboratory Visits: Faculty visited various laboratories including Microbiology, Animal Cell Culture, Bioprocess (Upstream and Downstream), Biochemistry, and Analytical Studies. They observed various physical and chemical sterilization facilities.


Instrumentation Explanations: Detailed explanations were provided for several key instruments:

  • Lab scale fermenter (5 Liters)
  • Semi-automatic Sartorius Pilot scale fermenter (75 L and 150 L total capacity) with SCADA system
  • Rotary evaporator
  • Continuous disc centrifuge with fixed rotor (9200 rpm)
  • High-pressure homogenizer (1500 bar)
  • Tangential flow filtration membrane system for sample concentration prior to downstream purification
  • Beckman Coulter Ultracentrifuge (150000 rpm, 240 ml total volume)
  • Lyophilizer (-52°C)
  • Chromatographic unit
  • PCR and RT-PCR units
  • Sequence analyzer MALDI TOF unit


Discussion: An elaborate discussion was held between the faculty and Dr. Senthil, Scientific Manager, TICEL Bio Park. They fruitfully discussed collaborative opportunities in research, research funding, student initiatives, and other activities.


Conclusion: Dr. Suresh S., Assistant Professor of Biotechnology, concluded the visit with a vote of thanks.