FDP on “Crux of the MCQ” on Saturday, 30th January 2021


Resource Person: Dr. N.Asokan, V.P Academic(S&H)

FDP on “Crux of the MCQ” helps to find answer to the following questions:

  1. How Do You Frame MCQ?
  2. Choice or Chance in Answering MCQ
  3. Why Do You Want to Know Guidelines?
  4. Do you want to frame strong MCQ,

Learning Objectives:

The participants will able to

  • Understand essential characteristics of evaluation
  • Understand the definition of MCQ
  • List eight varieties of MCQ
  • Understand guidelines to write the Stem of the MCQ
  • Understand guidelines to write the Options/ Alternatives /Responses of the MCQ
  • Understand when NOT to use MCQ

Crux of the MCQ: While an item should be considered a test of a student’s ability to eliminate the distractors as well as the ability to select the correct answer, the ability required to eliminate  the correct answer should not be greater than the ability needed to make a direct choice of the correct answer.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to

  • Infer the extent to which the student has attained a particular instructional objective.
  • Constructed a test item in such a way that students with a certain level of knowledge will be able to answer it correctly , while others will not.
  • Identify or distinguish those who have attained the particular level of knowledge
    (Skill, ability, or performance) you have identified as sufficient  (or necessary ) for the classroom purpose or decision at hand.

MCQ places a High Degree of Dependence on Student’s Reading Ability and Teacher’s Writing Ability.