Report on Webinar on Topic: Digital Marketing – Green Marketing A Way Forward

Date: 26 th April 2021  

Department of Commerce organized Webinar titled “Digital Marketing’’- Green Marketing A Way Forward  on 26 th April 2021 from 1.15 PM  to 2.15  PM. This virtual webinar was conducted to make the students understand the nuances of Digital Marketing. The speaker for the session was Ms.B. Anusha, Business Development Professional, Grinntech Motors & Services. She is an Alumni of our Esteemed Institution, SRM KTR. She is an automotive journalist taking care of both correspondent and copy editor’s role and in addition to that possessing a particularly good experience as a website/blog content writing. She has an exceptionally good experience in presales in supporting the organisation in making business decisions and takes the responsibility of designing price book for analysing competitors and assist the management to take decisions on the price.

Description: The guest inculcated the students on the impact towards the role of Digital Marketing its keywords and its indispensability and the techniques to select keywords in title paragraph and Facebook & Instagram marketing. Further she also explained the SEO through its index from relevant websites and how it displays in the form of a list.

Program:  Zoom link was circulated and more than 100 students participated. From the webinar the participants had the opportunity to educate themselves on how Search Engine Optimization techniques happens, and it were briefed by the guest speaker. The session was very informative on keywords and its indispensability, techniques to select keywords, title and paragraph, Face book marketing and Instagram marketing . Students gained knowledge on technical aspects of Green Marketing. Students also participated enthusiastically and clarified their doubts relevant to subject.

HOST:  Dr.D.Vijayalakshmi, Assistant Professor, hosted the event and introduced the chief guest with great excitement and after the splendid presentation by the guest speaker, Dr.C. Shalia, Assistant Professor,  delivered the vote of Thanks.