Webinar on Titanic Disaster-A Physicist Approach

 The Department of Physics has organized a

Webinar on “Titanic Disaster-A Physicist Approach”

for the Students of Classes 11 & 12 on 18-06-2021 (Friday) between 6:00PM to 7:00PM through Zoom platform.


 The event has started with the welcome address by Dr. L. Sudha,Professor & Head/Physics and given presentation on Department of Physics- An Overview.

 Dr. R. Amrutha, Associate Professor in Physics, Department of Science & Humanities, KCG College of Technology, Chennai has delivered a wonderful talk on Titanic Disaster-A Physicist Approach. She elaborated on disaster of Titanic ship and illustrated the concepts of physics related to the same.

We have received overwhelming registrations, 130 participants including students of classes 11 & 12 from various institutions across the nation and abroad. The participants raised questions to the speaker and discussed on the topic. The participants gave very good feedback to the resource person.

 Dr. R. Amruthahas thanked Management and organizers for arranging the Webinar.

Dr. K. Subramanian, Assistant Professor (Sr.G)/Physics has delivered vote of thanks.