Motivational talk –  Going beyond your belief system

The Department of Mathematics,

SRM IST, Ramapuram

has always “believed” in adding values to the society that can benefit them. As part of the belief instilled, the Department of Mathematics proudly organised a motivational talk on “Going beyond your belief system” on 10.07.2021.

Resource person :

Mr. Ravi Nair

Founder and CEO

Rich Minds , Mumbai .

Mr. Nair began the talk by asking why beliefs are important and where we get our belief system. Our belief becomes  our words , words become action, action become habits, habits become values and values become destiny. He went on to explain that belief systems are created from language , religion, relationship ,personality ,philosophy, physiology, demography, behaviour and emotion. In a nutshell he put emphasis on the fact ‘we are what we believe we are’ and it is beneficial  to surround ourselves with people who push you to achieve your belief in a positive way.

The motivational talk inspired more than 200 participants and the talk was well received .