Two Days Virtual Workshop: Blended Learning Through E Assessment: MOODLE

Seamless integration of offline and online, which is called blended learning is crucial for enhancement of learning outcomes. Moodle is the world’s most customizable  and trusted open source learning management system due to its flexible learning, accessibility, security & privacy and easy integration.

To keep abreast with the need and demand, the Department of Mathematics , SRMIST Ramapuram  has organised a two days virtual workshop on  “Blended Learning Through E Assessment: MOODLE”  from 12.08.2021 to 13.08.2021 for the faculty members and research scholars.


Date & Time :  12th August , 02.30 PM

Topic:  Blended  learning through MOODLE.

Resource Person :

Dr. Naseer Ahmed

University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Nizwa

Sultanate of Oman

Prof. Nasser Ahmed gave a brief introduction about Moodle from four different perspectives as administrator, manager, teacher, and student. In the first half of the session, he explained basic concept’s like how to create a user account, how to create own course pages as a teacher, etc…

Next half of the session he  explained about question paper preparation and how questions will be shuffled to each student with different values for the given parameters. He also explained how to go for mathematical expressions in Moodle as like MS word. He briefed about I frame a tool for inserting videos in the teacher’s course page. The session ended with a quality interaction between the speaker and the participants .

 DAY  2

Date & Time : 13th August , 02.30 PM

Topic:  Effective usage of Mathematical  Functions in MOODLE.

Resource Person :

Dr. Naseer Ahmed

University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Nizwa,

Sultanate of Oman

Creating question papers for mathematics in a creative way for the present online mode of teaching is a challenging task for all teachers. Prof. Nasser Ahmed has given a pathway to get rid of all challenges by explaining how to generate a question in 100 or more different ways with the help of Moodle and latex.


The interesting part of the session is to give responses to students’ attempts with the solution to each question which clarifies students’ queries in their attempt itself.   During this  pandemic situation, as  students can’t meet/ talk with faculty as earlier and can be left out with some queries in their mind.  Prof. Nasser Ahmed gave an  idea for solving students’ problems at the time of attempting the exam itself. He encouraged participants to work on Moodle and develop a set of different questions which will be helpful for future usage. Participants were actively participated in clearing their doubts .


More than 200 participants  from various parts of the country and world took part in this workshop. The workshop has developed a new change in the minds of participants and created an awareness for advanced techniques in creating question paper and its assessment using MOODLE platform. Participants thanked the organizers and resource person for the intensive exposure,  elaborate presentation and discussion held during the workshop.