Department of Commerce organised a Webinar titled “PRACTICAL INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE – A GLIMPSE OF ACTUAL WORK DONE IN FINANCE” on 13th Sep 2021 from 11.00 am to 12.30 pm

through Google Meet. This virtual webinar was conducted to make the participants understand the need of the actual work done in Finance. Ms. R. Revathi addressed to the guest and the participants with welcome speech and introduced the guest CA CPA AKSHAY JAISWAL Chartered Accountant Financial Analyst and his achievements to the participants. Later on, the guest took over the session and started interacting with the participants with his colourful presentation which gave a visual treat to the Participants. He explained the importance of Finance and how the actual work done in Finance. The Actual work done in finance was explained in detail to make the participants to have a very good insight in Finance. Google Meet link was circulated to Participants prior and a total of 795 participants were registered in which 694 participated through YouTube link and 101 were present in google meet on the day and made themselves as a beneficiary. Vote of thanks addressed by Ms. Fathima Banu A, thanked the SRM Ramapuram management and The Head, Department of commerce Dr. A. Jayabal for their tremendous support in organising this event. The program was hosted by Ms. A. Fathima Banu, Assistant Professor and Ms. R. Revathi, Assistant Professor.