Department of commerce – one day webinar report on Impact of Geopolitical Risk(GRP)  on Market Performance

25th November 2021

  The Department of Commerce organised a National webinar for B.Com & M.Com leads on 25th November 2021 from 10.30 am to !2.00 pm. The Programme Started with Official Welcome Speech by Dr.P. Sueela Head (I/C) Shift II and Associate Professor. The Guest Speaker Dr.M. Tamilselvan, Associate professor, university of technology applied Science, IBRI, Sultanate of Oman was introduced to Audience by Dr.S. Venkatesan, Assistant Professor and Convener. The program was hosted by Dr.S.Mani, Assistant Professor. The Guest Speaker Dr.M. Tamilselvan delivered speech by highlighting to students about the impact of various scams and crisis on stock return of Indian stocks. Besides he demonstrated the emergence of GPR index and its origin which is predominantly adopted by the empirical researchers to predict the return and volatility of diverse financial assets such as stocks, oil, tourism and corporate financial decision making. Then session focused a conspicuous picture of geopolitical risk and its symmetrical and asymmetrical effect on asset performance and its superior predictive ability compared to other existing indices. The speaker, brough the content from various leading research articles which were recently published in ABDC “A” category journals which enlightened the participant to be cognizance on the new concept GPR. The Question-and-Answer session at the end of the programme where by students actively raised question on the delivered topic and overwhelmed response among them. The online session was attended by around 200 students. The Programme ended with vote of thanks delivered by Dr.S.Mani, Assistant Professor and co-convener.