The Department of Mathematics organized

Three days International Virtual Workshop on

“Structural Mathematics using Graph Theory”

from 13.12.2021 to 15.12.2021

for the faculty members and research scholars.

The workshop commenced on 13.12 2021. Dean (E&T) in his falicitation   address, mentioned that Graph theory has grown into significant area of Mathematical research with applications in Biology,  Physics, Chemistry,  OR, Social Sciences,  Computer Science  etc. He appreciated the department for organising the workshop.

Date & Time :

13th December

02.30 PM IST


Session :1

Topic: “Application of Graph Coloring Variant in Examination Timetabling Problem”

Resource Person

Dr. A. Naseer Ahmed

Department of Information Technology,

University of Technology and Applied Sciences,

Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman.


Dr. A. Naseer Ahmed started the session with a brief introduction on applications of graph colouring. He explained how it is applicable in scheduling and in particular Examination Timetabling problem. He gave a brief literature review and about the proposed open research problem. Main objective of his talk is to obtain one of the variants of graph colouring. He explained the computational complexity of the timetabling problem and about the constraints in it. The participants benefitted in the topic of variants in graph colouring.

Session :2

Time : 3.30 PM IST

Topic: “Cycles and Antimagic Graphs”

Resource Person

Andrea Semaničová-Feňovčíková

Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics,

Technical University in Košice, Slovakia.


Dr. Andrea Fenovcikova gave an introduction about graph labeling and she explained in detail about vertex labelings, edge labelings, total labelings, face labelings, labelings of type (a,b,c). She explained about vertex-weights, edge-weights, face-weights, H-weights – magic labeling and about antimagic labeling and its variations. Participants got a broad idea about cycles and antimagic graphs and the session was well received by one and all.


Date & Time:

14th December

2.30 PM IST

Topic: “Graph Theory & its Application to Engineering and Technology”


Resource Person:

Dr. Subrata Kumar Sahu

PG Department of Mathematics,

Arba Minch University,



Dr. Subrata Kumar Sahu started the session with applications of Graph theory in Science and Technology. He explained the major role of Graph theory in computer applications and in the development of graph algorithms. He discussed about the basics of graphs, connectivity, vertex colouring and graph colouring problems. He detailed about Hamilton graphs, Planar Graphs, Undirected graphs, Special cases of simple graphs and Dijkstra’s Algorithm. Participants were benefitted with this session.


Date & Time:

15th December

02.30 PM IST

Topic: “Graph Algorithms – An Overview”


Resource Person:

Dr. R.V. N. Srinivasa Rao

Department of Mathematics,

College of Natural and Computational Sciences,

Wollega University, Ethiopia.


Dr. R.V. N. Srinivasa Rao started the session with an introduction of algorithms for graph theoretical problems. He explained clearly the difference between an algorithm and a program. He elucidated about classification of algorithms and structures of algorithms. He discussed in detail about Breadth First Search Algorithm and Depth First Search Algorithms and its pseudo codes. He concluded the session with numerous challenges in Graph Algorithms and its computational complexity. Participants found the presentation very interesting .

Nearly 200 participants from all over the world participated in the workshop. They thanked and appreciated the department for organizing such programs which is helpful for their research as well as academic growth.