Alumni Webinar

Date : 12.02.2022

Topic : Foundation for your Career

Resource Person

Mr.J.Monish Raam

Alumni (2018 to 2021)

Tech Associate

DE Shaw India Private Limited

  • Dr.S.Umarani, Professor & Head presented the welcome address and she welcomed the chief guest for the day
  • Mr.Monish Raam started with the scope and opportunities for Computer Science
  • He expounded about what is the expectation after graduating B.Sc Computer Science
  • He explained the various opportunities in Web Development, Software Development, Database Development, Project Analysis
  • He also explained about how to create a portfolio, linkedin profiles uses and opportunities for searching job
  • He expounded GITHUB Student Developer Pack for Placement Preparations and project creation.
  • Mr.Monish explained about Internship opportunities and Certification in AWS, GCP, CISO and RHEL
  • Finally he concluded with placement tips for the students
  • The students were benefited from this knowledge from the webinar.

Total Students Participated : 65


Mr.U.Udayakumar, Assistant Professor

Mr.D.Siva, Assistant Professor