Date : 10th To 17th October 2022
Time & Venue : 06.30pm to 07.30pm Through Zoom Meeting
Registration Link:
Session Title: Virtual InternationalFaculty Professional Development Program On “Academic Research in Global
Number of participants: Interested faculty and research scholars from India and across the globe
participated in the session and an average strength of 145 members had been present through all the
Day 1: the speaker for the first day for Mr. Badri Natrajan, Independent legal services professional, London, United
Kingdom. He is the alumni of London school of economics and political science. He started the session with giving a
brief introduction about how academic research must be done and how the standards are set for it in a global level.
He shared his thought, perspective and strategies on how to research, present and publish a paper or journal.

Day 2: the topic for this day was “Academic Research – Global perspective”. This session was held by Florence
Bharathy Kennedy. In this session the participants were educated about how academic research in conducted on a
global level and the how the research is standardized and validated among the global audience. The speaker then
expressed how the standards for set for the research methods, presentation in the global academic market. This was
an enlightening and informative session

Day 3 and 4: The topic for this session was “Roadmap to intellectual property rights and techniques to acquire
project grants” and this session was Dr. Saravanan Muthaiyah. The purpose of this session was to educate the
participants about IPR, the legal rights given to the inventor or creator to protect his invention or creation for a
certain period of time. He also discussed on how to present a project proposal and acquire grants for the one’s

Day 5 and 6: The topic for this session was “The art and science of research paper writing and twriting and publishing
quality research paper in indexed journal” and the resource person for this session was Dr. Joy.K.Joseph. The speaker
of this session educated the participants about the art and science of research of writing a research and presenting a
research paper and how to do quality research for a paper and how to present it in an indexed journal. This was an
interactive and informative session.

Day 7 and 8: the topic for this session was “Importance of referencing in academic writing and rules for responsible
citations in academic research.” The speaker for this session was Dr. Satya Narayana Parayitam. The purpose of this
session was to emphasize the importance of referring in academic writing and how clear and precise your proof
reading should be. He also informed the participants about the rules for responsible citations in academic research.
This session provided a clear view on how to present a research paper for the participants.
Purpose of the seminar:
 To inform about the global standards in academic perspective
 To educate the participants about the presentation of academic research paper.
 To emphasize the importance of referencing in academic writing
 To provide a global perspective on research.

Outcome of the seminar
 Participants were educated about intellectual property rights
 Participants knew how to acquire project grants
 Participants were emphasized on the importance of referencing in academic writing and citations in
academic research
 Participants were educated on the standards for academic research on a global perspective
The detailed gallery and the video of the session can be accessed from the below