Date : 14th October 2022
Time & Venue : 01:30 Pm Through Zoom Meeting
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Session Title: Regional Seminar on securities market
Session Date: 14th September 2022
Time: 12:00 PM
Number of participants: Interested students who self-volunteered from final year of M.Com, B.Com Hon’s
had participated in the session and an average strength of 53 students had been present through the session.
This seminar was organized by our department of commerce (hons) in association with National Stock
Exchange(NSE). The topic of this regional seminar was “introduction to securities market” and the purpose
of this seminar was to give a brief introduction about the benefits , opportunities , and scope about the securities
market and the types of investments that could be made in the securities market in India. The resource person
of this seminar were Shri. A Ashwin Umayoruban , deputy manager in NSE and Shri. Elango S , Senior
manager at NSDL.
Mr.Ashwin Umayoruban started the session by sharing his presentation. He started by giving a brief intro on
securities market , benefits of using them, scope of the securities. He then moved on to explain about various
kinds of securities available in the securities market like stocks , bonds , equity etc. and instructed their usage
to the participants. He also explained the inherent risks that circulates the investment procedure in securities
and how one individual must learn to take calculated risks.
Then the seminar was taken over by shri. Elango S whose started with the explained how National Securities
Depository Limited works and explained about the day the day activities of NSDL. Here he explained what
an individual or a company should focus on when they are considering to make an investment in the securities
market. He also explained about the diversified investment opportunities available in the securities market.
Then he moved onto the career opportunities available in the Securities Market and the qualifications one
must possess to build a career there. At the end of the session a Q&A session was conducted with the
participants and the speaker. Overall, this was a very informative and interactive seminar.
Minutes of Meeting:
 Introduction by Dr.S.Chitra – 01:30 Pm
 Commencement of session – 01:35 Pm
 Brief about NSE by resource person – 01:20 Pm
 Elucidation of the concept of securities market – 1:40 Pm
 Feedback and Questions from audience – 02:30 Pm
Purpose of the seminar:
 To enrich the students about Securities Market
 Explain the functioning of NSE
 Brief about the nature and scope of Securities Market
 To emphasize the importance of Securities Market
 Motivate the students in understanding the opportunities behind
Outcome of the seminar
 Insight on the Securities Market
 Securities Market and its functioning
 Securities Market scope
 Securities meaning and understanding of it in Securities Market