Date: 7th October,2022
Venue: Department of Commerce
Time: 11.00 AM – 12:30 PM

Session Title: Digital Marketing – career opportunities
Session Date: 7th October,2022
Time: 11.00 AM – 12:30 PM
Session Speaker: Ms.Aswini Priyanka, Chief Operations Officer, Necurity Solutions
Number of participants : Interested students who self-volunteered from final year of M.Com, B.Com
General and B.Com IAF had participated in the session and an average strength of 71 students had been
present through the session.

This seminar was organized by our department of commerce (hons) in association with Necurity solutions, a
cyber security company. The topic of this seminar was “Digital marketing – career opportunities” and the
purpose of this seminar was to educate the participants of the seminar about how digital marketing works and
how this vast world can open up diversified career opportunities for them. The speaker of this session was
Ms.Aswini Priyanka, Chief Operations Officer, Necurity Solutions.
the speaker started with her presentation where she introduced the concept of digital marketing , gave it’s
meaning, explained how it works and what one must utilize from it. Then she moved on to explain about the
various trends in digital marketing like Omni channel marketing, Artificial intelligence, Video marketing, etc.
how these types of trends work and the benefits of these modern time trends in digital marketing. She then
explained how a person is supposed to approach digital marketing as a career option and how much It is
beneficial to people with passion for marketing.
She then moved on to educate the participants about the career opportunities in digital marketing. There are
various jobs to perform for ambitious graduates who are passionate about digital marketing like content
marketer, SEM specialist, AR-VR developer, Web developer, etc. She also explained the qualifications that
an potential employee must possess. She also explained about the scope of growth and new opportunities in
the digital market. At the end of the session a Q&A session was conducted with the participants and the
speaker. Overall, this was a very informative and interactive seminar.

Minutes of Meeting:
1).Welcome address by MC – 12:30 PM
2).Starting of the presentation by speaker – 12:40 PM
3).Introduction about digital marketing – 12:45 PM
4).Explanation of career opportunities – 1:00 PM
5).Q&A session – 1:05 PM
6).Vote of thanks – 1:30 PM

Purpose of the seminar:
1).To educate the participants about the digital marketing coming up in this era.
2).To make participants aware of how digital marketing works and its uses.
3).To give a detailed explanation about how this benefits the society.
4).To educate the audience about the career opportunities in relation to digital marketing.

Outcome of this session
1).The audience gained a deeper understanding on the topic taken in the seminar.
2).The audience understood how digital marketing works in this modern era.
3).The seminar helped the participants differentiate between the advantages and
disadvantages of digital marketing and the career opportunities it offers.
4). Helped the participants realize the scope of digital marketing.