DATE : 20.03.2021 | TIME: 09.00 AM to 10.30 AM

Guest Speaker: Mr. Thiyagarajan Rajasekaran  ,Portfolio Manager – Enterprise Content Management and Cognitive Document Processing ,Capgemini America Inc, UK

The Department of Computer Science & Applications has  organized a Faculty Development Programme on Intelligent/Cognitive Document Processing For Business Automation Using Machine Learning


Dr.J.Dhilipan- Vice Principal Admin and HOD/MCA presented the Welcome Address. During the address he thanked the chief guest for accepting our  invitation in the pandemic situation

He added that the topic of today’s FDP is now the hot cake of the industry which is used in developing projects.

He highlighted the importance of Cognitive Document processing and its role. The purpose of the event is to bridge the gap between industry academia as per the expectations of the industries. To fulfil this we are conducting two workshops on emerging technologies in career opportunities for the benefit of the participants. He concluded his address by requesting the participants to make use of the forum to elevate their skillsets

 Mr N KRISHNAMOORTHY, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR MCA, introduced the guest to the audience


TECHNICAL ADDRESS: *Mr. Thiyagarajan Rajasekaran

Mr. Thiyagarajan Rajasekaran started the session with a Brief introduction about his role. He then discussed about CDP/IDP- Cognitivie document processing. It eases the burden of documents and extract the data. It reduce the cost, improve customer experience and helps to ensure the business automation by reducing the time.

CDP converts the unstructured document to structured data which is used for business automation. 80% business data embedded in unstructured formats like email,images etc. CDP reduces the process. CDP is the combination of AI and machine learning.

Then he explained Why we need CDP? Every organization have large amount of unstructured documents. CDP is used to extract the unstructured document using AI and ML to structured data.It deals with large volume of paper documents which is highly unstructured in nature.

He then explained about

  • few common uses Cdp helps in
  • Banking and insurance
  • Health care
  • Legal
  • Accounting and HR

His lecture was then about Converting the documents to electronic format, and Passing to workflow system(validation, orchestration, decision, feedback) ,automating a piece of paper into structured data. CDP is used to extract the multiple versions of documents and transform to structured data with high accuracy and used for business automation.

Key capabilities of cognitive automation include

  • OCR
  • NLP
  • ML

CDP/IDP life cycle consists of

  • Preprocessing
  • Intelligent document classification
  • Data extraction
  • Domain specific validation
  • Enhanced validation
  • Human in loop validation

Benefits of using CDP/IDP

  • Increase efficiency and reduced cost.
  • Seamless document capture
  • Reduce cycle time
  • AI driven analytics and monitoring.

Then the entire session was opened to the audience for clarification of their queries.

Mrs.J.SHOBANA, AP/MCA proposed the vote of thanks.

Around 100 participants attended the FDP . The event was coordinated by Dr.P.Sudha, AP/MCA