Expert Talk

Supporting the integration of ICT and OER in teaching and learning, Department of Mathematics, SRMIST, Ramapuram organized an Expert Talk on “Technology Enabled Learning for 21st Century Students” exclusively for School Principals and Teachers on 16.07.2022.

Date & Time:16.07.2022  10.30 AM IST

Topic: Technology Enabled Learning for 21st Century Students

Resource Person:

Dr. Srinivasa K. G,Professor

Department of Information Management & Coordination

NITTTR, Chandigarh

Dr. Srinivasa started the session by explaining the difference between traditional classroom teaching methods where internet facility was not available and the students where depending only on class notes. In the current trend students having access to high speed internet can learn a particular topic through many e-contents available online.

In this context, Dr Srinivasa briefed how ICT (Information and Communications Technology) /OER (Other Educational Resources) can be used to enhance classroom communication skills with better engagement and learning outcomes. He listed tools available for better Classroom Communication like – PowerPoint Presentations, Lecture Notes captured via Smart Boards, Personalized iPad, Digital Notebooks, Smart Phones and even Alexa too.

Dr Srinivasa quoted ‘Digital Pedagogy (DP) is not about using digital technologies for teaching but approaching these tools from a critical pedagogical perspective’. He explained few Dp’s namely, Flipped Classrooms, Blended Learning, Online Education Resources, Value Based Education, Gaming for education, Online Learning objects for better class participation.

Dr Srinivasa concluded the session by answering to all queries raised by the participants.