To have a successful and fulfilling career and to find a purpose  for the longevity of your career; 

Department of Mathematics,

SRMIST Ramapuram

organized an Expert Talk on

“Carving your Career”

exclusively for Teachers.

Date :06.08.2022

Time:10.30 AM IST

 Topic: Carving your Career

 Resource Person:

Dr. Ahila Krishnamoorthy

Managing Director

Daramic Battery Separator India Pvt. Ltd, Yeshwantpura,


Dean E&T in his felicitation address appreciated the Department of Mathematics for organizing this Expert Talk.

Dr. Ahila explained how to align one’s career according to the organizational needs and  how to develop cross functional skill sets leading to higher levels that includes Self-Reflection, exploring other options, continuously developing oneself and networking which is very essential to boost one’s career.

Dr. Ahila elucidated the key points to empower oneself in an organization – Developing all the skills to grow in an organization, Grabbing the opportunities when they come knocking at the  door and not letting it go without trying them, Seeking challenges beyond one’s abilities, Enjoying  the work with passion and finally Contentment  which is a continual feast.

Dr. Ahila said teaching career is extremely rewarding if one has interest in education sector. She explained the skills of a teacher – Creativity, Leadership, Patience, Conflict resolution, Time management, Communication Skills and Technical Skills.

Dr. Ahila concluded the session by responding to all the queries raised by the participants.

More than 100 participants enthusiastically participated in the session and requested the organizers to organize many more such programs.