The Department of Computer Science in Association with PK Innovatives have organized “APP LAUNCH – TNPSC- ALL IN ONE” on 24.09.2022

The inaugural ceremony of MOBIFEST 2022 started at 11.00 am in Block 5, 1st Floor, Gallery Hall with Tamizh Thai Vazhthu. Light is a symbol of brightness and prosperity as sunlight expels the darkness of might similarly blessings bring in our life prosperity and happiness. To make this event a blessed one all our dignitaries gathered together to light the kuthuvizhaku. Welcome Address : Dr.S. Umarani,  Professor & Head / CS. Dr. S.Umarani ( HoD/CS) presented the welcome address.  She welcomed our guest of honour Dr.R.Natarajan, IRS for this event. A warm welcome was given to Mr. Praveen, CEO & Founder, PK innovative, Chennai by Dr. S. Umarani. She welcomed the dignitaries Dr. J. Dhilipan, VP Admin (S&H) and Dr. N. Asokan VP Academic for their presence.Finally, she welcomed the gathering, All Staff members, Students,  and  non teaching staffs for the event. Felicitation Address was given by Dr. J. Dhilipan, VP Admin (S&H) and Dr. N. Asokan VP Academics. Words of encouragement and appreciation was delivered by them. Mr. U. Udayakumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science gave chief guest introduction. Dr. J. Dhilipan, VP Admin (S&H) and Dr. N. Asokan VP Academics Honoured the chief guest with a momento. Special Address speech was delivered by the chief guest of the day Dr.R.Natarajan, IRS. He encouraged students and gathering to have more physical activities which will regulate the minds. He started the session with inspiring stories, he inspired the minds of students and explained the importance of practice that leads to success.


Guest Speaker Convenor Co-Convenor
Dr.R.Natarajan, IRS

International Athelete

Asst.Commisioner of Customs

IAAF – L2 Coach, IAAF – L1 Lecturer

Hy.Director – ISPA


Dr.S. Umarani, Professor

HoD / CS, SRMIST, Ramapuram.


Mr. A Vignesh and                     Mr. U.Udayakumar , Assistant Professor, SRMIST, Ramapuram.



  • The First App launch in METAVERSE.
  • The Android app named TNPSC (All in one) was launched in the meraverse environment.
  • The features and detailed information about the App were explained in the video.
  • The developers of the Application were introduced and appreciated.
  • Mr. Praveen, CEO & Founder, PK innovative briefed the importance of the app.
  • Internship Letter and prizes were distributed to the students who have won in various events.


The introduction session of various technical and non- technical clubs of Department of computer sciences. Total number of participants: 110.  Mr.A.Vignesh, delivered the vote of thanks by thanking the management, Dean, Hod and all the Staff members and Students.