Department of Visual Communication
Industrial Visit | 23.12.2022 |
Staff Co-ordinator: Mr. M.Diwakar (Assistant Professor – Vis Com)

The Department of Visual Communication, SRM Institute of Science and
Technology, Ramapuram organized an Industrial Visit to BOT VFX Film and Television
Studio, Chennai.

On 23rd December 2022, 42 students of the second Year B.Sc. Visual Communication along with 1
faculty (Mr. M. Diwakar) member visited BOT VFX Studio, Chennai. BOT VFX studio is one of the
leading visual effects and post Production Company with studios in Chennai. They are renowned for their
Visual effect work to reach international standards across the globe.. They always offer top-notch creativity
that exceeds your expectations using the latest and advanced techniques.
The students reached the premises by 9.30am and we were taken to the VFX lab. The BOT VFX
studio comprises 4 floors with different VFX lab setups and we had an explanation session followed by
interactive sessions on all floors accompanied by the respective members of that floor.
Ms.Prachi Bothra, About BOT


Session 1: Mr. Sugumar Srinivas, Head of Strategic Growth – Explained about the complete
process of VFX.
Session 2: Mr. Bala Morarji, Head of the Comp & CG – Explained about the techniques in
Session 3: Mr. Govardhan A – Head of the 3D Dept. Detailed about the 3d pipelines.
Session 4: Life at BOT – Prachi Bothra, Studio Tour – Monish/ Prachi.
All these sessions had interactive parts with the students, which had many sensible questions
followed by informative answers from the experts. Finally we had a meeting with the HR department
where we were informed about the internship program offered for the students and the process of the
training program offered by the company.
With this, we left for home with the lovely memories of the extremely informative Industrial