Date: 24.01.2023

Time: 11.30 am to 12.30 pm

Mode: Online through zoom meeting

Resource Person:

Ms. Akshaya Natarajan,

Test Specialist – Automation,

IBM Corporation Ltd, Mysore

The session was coordinated by Dr. S. Uma Shankari  Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Applications (MCA)

 Ms. Akshaya started the session with an introduction to software testing.

She had mentioned about the significance of Testing, Various testing techniques followed in the industry.

Migration from Manual to Automation testing.

Automation testing tools and techniques. Various case studies with different test case scenarios

Demo using selenium Automation tool was given

Purpose of Agile Testing and steps followed in it.

Agile Testing Framework

Advantages of Agile Testing.

Explained with the real time scenarios and case study was really informative to the students

Then, the session was opened to the audience to clarify their doubts.The entire session was much informative and helpful to all the participants

Mrs. Indumathi, Assistant Professor, Dept of Computer Applications (MCA) proposed vote of thanks.