Date: 30.01.2023

Time: 11.00 am to 12.30 pm

Venue: Block 5-First Floor Gallery Hall

Guest speaker

Prof. Dr. S T Venkateswaran,


Obesity, Diet & Lifestyle Diseases Management Specialist

HoD –Dept. of Yoga and Dept. of Community Medicine

Govt. Yoga & Naturopathy Medical College and Hospital, Chennai.

  • Dr J Dhilipan, Head Department of Computer Science and Applications (MCA), VP-Admin(S&H) welcomed the gathering.
  • The session was coordinated by Dr. S. Uma Shankari Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Applications (MCA)

Dr.S.TVenkateswaran started the session by posting the question What is good stress and Bad Stress?.

Stated up the relationship between the Food and Mind.

 He mentioned about the Digestive process in human being.

Good Diet, Eating Methods, No.of Times to eat, What to eat, Moderation in Quantity.

Types of Millets, Benefits of Millet, How Millet played an important role in our traditional food.

Millets in Obesity &Hyperlipidenia

Millets and Phytochemical, Celiac Diseases.

Flaked and  Popped Millet Products for healthy food.

Milletis the first crop and it is a future crop.

He concluded with Prevention is easier, Cheaper and wiser, No wonder the maxim – Prevention is Better Let us more emphasize on health care not Disease Care

Then, the session was opened to the audience to clarify their doubts.

100+ students are Benefited, the whole session was very informative, interesting and interactive too.

Mrs.DKanchana ,Assistant Professor (SG), Dept of Computer Applications (MCA) proposed the vote of thanks.