“Acquiring financial knowledge is the basic requirement for every human being” – said Dr.Suresh Kumar Manoharan, Manager, Toppan Merrill Technology services when he spoke at FINCON’23, a financial conclave, organized by College of Management, SRMIST, Ramapuram.  He stressed on Industry-institute collaboration, which helps in attaining financial wisdom.  He explained the importance of domain networking and urged the participants to upgrade themselves through networking.  He also stated how to be cautious while dealing with money at individual level and organizational level.

Mr. Chola Naachiar Rajasekar, President of Tamil Chamber of Commerce, inaugurated the conclave.  During his inaugural address, he explained the formation of IMF and World Bank.  He also explained how the financial approaches have changed from earlier barter system to digital transactions.

Mr. Varaivan Ganesan, State Head of Paytm, explained the emergence of FinTech companies in India.  He briefed on the cash-free transactions and the future growth of industry.  He outlined the guidelines of RBI in regulating financial transaction in India.  He explained the career opportunities and growth prospects in Fin Tech industry and also advised how candidates have to get ready for the same.

Dr.R.Arulmoli, Head of MBA program, during his address explained the role of financial markets and its impact on Indian industry.  He gave an insight about the recent trends in financial markets and the growth of digital finance.

Dr.S.Ramanathan, Convener of the conclave welcomed the gathering and explained the objectives of the conclave.

Ms. Pooja, MBA student proposed the vote of thanks.

Dr. Arulmoli, HOD/MBA, SRM IST presenting memento to the Chief Guest, Mr. Chola Naachiar Rajasekar, President of Tamil Chamber of Commerce at FINCON’23


Inaugural address by Mr. Chola Naachiar Rajasekar,

President of Tamil Chamber of Commerce

Presentation by Dr. Suresh Kumar Manoharan, Manager at Toppan Merrill Technology

Participants interacting with Resource person

Mr. Varaivan Ganesan, State Head, Paytm addressing the gathering