Outreach Programme  at Webbs Memorial Orphanage (Home for Aged, Needy and  Poor Children)

11.04.2023  – 2.30pm

Motto of the Event : Sharing Smile with Elders and Kids

We nurture our students by inculcating Happiness doesn’t result from what we get but from what we give.

We  the faculty volunteers and students volunteers visited Webbs Memorial Orphanage, St .Thomas Mount spent our time fruitfully with the children’s and the needy people.

Under the Guidance of Dr. J Dhilipan, Head, Department of MCA, Vice Principal – Admin, College of Science and Humanities, this outreach program is initiated and completed successfully.

Faculty members of MCA, Students and Faculty Coordinators of NSS interacted with the Childrens at Webbs Memorial and motivated them with thier wonderful words.

Madam Younuss, Incharge- Webbs Memorial Orphanage had thanked the Faculty and Students volunteers for their contribution,  effort and support.

Mrs. Younuss shared her experiences by mentioning the services rendered by them

Faculty members from MCA  NSS Students and NSS faculty coordinators contributed Groceries, Note books and other stationery items to the needy children at Webbs Memorial Orphanage.

Children at Webbs Memorial Orphanage were really happy and shared their experiences with our students.

We wish to continue our service in future too.