8 Day Workshop on Research Materials and Methods

The Department of Commerce conducted a eight day workshop on “Research Materials and Methods“ for teaching fraternity, research scholars and for post graduate students. The Resource persons Dr. M.  Anand Shankar Raja and Dr. Gowtham Ramkumar spoke on tools to conduct abstraction, mind mapping and identifying research gap. The online session was attended by around 107 participants. The presentation was followed by a Q & A session. The webinar/workshop/event was well-coordinated by the faculty members Mrs. Karthigai Selvi and Dr. Kabirdoss Devi. Certification of participation and Certificate of Merit those qualified in the assessment were distributed.

Session 1 Report-

The speaker addressed on how to create an abstract and how to construct a perfect title which is very important part of research. He also taught creative methods of tools to construct an abstract like Mind Mapping with innovative examples.  The speaker explained the most efficient way to search articles, by using brackets ( ) and variables for better the outcome of journals and articles, and also taught citation of articles and journal how does it help us to identify which article is more relevant to the topic etc.

Session 2 Report-

The speaker addressed on Literature Review which has been helpful to the topic of Research methodology. He explained about literature review from the beginning systematically on  Introduction, Definition, Aims, Approaches to integrating references, Literature search, Importance of Reading, Role of Reading, Note taking, Format of note taking, Summary’s, Degree of depth less and References.