Department of Computer Science and Applications (MCA)


Industry Institute Interaction Program

10-07-2023 MONDAY


Resource Persons:

Mr.Karthik.C, Co-Founder & COO- BUSoftTech

 Topic: Get Ready For The Move

 (Through MoU)

Ms. Keziah Robert

 Project Manager-


 Topic: Emotional intelligence

Ms. Deepthi Jeyadevan

BCA ALUMNI (2019-2022 BATCH) University First Rank, Junior Engineer  IAM, Astrazenca, Chennai

Topic:LetyourResume Speak


Dr J.Dhilipan presented the welcome address . During his address he welcomed the chief guests and other dignitaries.

He concluded his address by stating that the department has signed MoU with BUSoftTech and through this our students have completed the internship and one student got Placement. He requested the new joiners to utilize these opportunities henceforth.

Mr.N.Krishnamoorthy Assistant Professor-MCA introduced the guest to the audience

 Technical Session 1

Mr.Karthik.C, Co-Founder & COO- BUSoftTech started the session with an introduction to  the need and importance of possession of necessary skills that the industry experts

He then gave a brief introduction about the company’s profile

He then explained about the following concepts

 Skill sets requested by the industries

How to gain knowledge in programming languages

Think big and set your smart(Specific- Measurable- Attainable- Relevant- Team based)goals

He has explained about examples of goals

What is a measurable skill

He concluded his address by explaining

Non technical skills

Top Technologies in 2023

Tech trends

Industry expectations

Technical Session 2

Ms. Deepthi Jeyadevan started the session with brief introduction about the importance of placement drives.

She added how she was able to grasp 7 offers during her career

She also highlighted about the placement training  that is being considered.

She concluded her address by explaining the preparations required for getting dream offers and how to prepare a resume.


Ms. Keziah Robert

 Project Manager-

BANK OF NEWYORK MELLON started the session with an introduction to emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to manage both your own emotions and understand the emotions of people around you.

 There are five key elements to EI: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.

She advised the students how the data they are using in social media creates certain problems

She compared EI and AI

She advised that students should not be affected by hatred words or others emotions

She concluded her address by explaining about the importance of EI in students career

She concluded her address by explaining few stories relating EI

Then the entire session was opened to the audience for clarification of their doubts

The entire session was much useful for all the participants

Mr N.KRISHNAMOORTHY Assistant Professor-MCA presented the vote of thanks for the intellectual address by the guests