Program Name: Skill Enhancement Program

Department of MCA, SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Ramapuram Campus, Chennai organized a Skill Enhancement Program titled ‘INNOVATIVE PROJECT IDEAS IN THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY” through Online mode on 01.07.2023 between 10.00am to 1.00pm.

Resource Persons

Mr. G. Sutharshan

Alumni, Batch 2021-23

Software Developer, ZIFFTY  Solutions

Topic – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Ms. T.K.G.Praseetha

Alumni, Batch 2021-23

Associate Software Engineer,


Topic – Advanced Web Application Development

Ms. D. Shrinidhi

Alumni, Batch 2021-23

Software Developer, DANFOSS Industries, Chennai

Topic- Robotic Process Automation

Dr. Karthiga AP/MCA introduced our Alumni (Resource Persons of the Day) to the audience.

Session Covered the following topics.

  • Mr Sutharshan started the session by demonstrating his application Auto ML developed by him.
  • Using dataset he compared with various ML Algorithms and discussed the results and its accuracy too
  • Explained about various AI tools available in the market.
  • Session Opened for the Questions, Mr Sutharshan handled all the queries effectively.  Entire session was very useful to the participants
  • Ms. Shrinidhi started her session with the fundamentals of RPA. RPA life cycle.
  • RPA tools, Role of cloud in RPA, Applications of RPA, Types of BOTS.
  • Significance of UiPath, RPA is Rule-Based, Benifits and Limitations of RPA
  • Gave a demo using Sample BoT created by herself.
  • Finally Session Opened for the Questions, Ms.Shrinidhi handled all the queries effectively.  Entire session was very useful to the participants.
  • Ms. Praseetha started her session by showing SRMIST (S&H) Dashboard development by herself using ReactJS and Angular, Nodejs
  • Advanced Web Applications Development tools and techniques available in the market
  • She explained about step-by-step process involved in the development of web applications, from requirement phase to Testing phase.
  • Establishing connections between MongiDB thru Flask and python
  • Problems faced by her during the development of the web application SRM Dashboard
  • At the end of the session Ms. Praseetha answered all the questions raised by the participants.  Entire session was very informative and useful.


Dr. J Dhilipan

HOD/MCA, VP Admin(S&H)

SRMIST, Ramapuram


Dr. K. Sutha, AP/MCA

Dr  S  Uma Shankari , AP/MCA

Dr  T. Papitha Christobel  AP/MCA

Dr  Sivakumar   AP/MCA