The aim and objectives of this program is,

  • To enhance research knowledge
  • Encourage, guide and train students to participate research activities
  • To discuss a scientific paper found in a research journal
  • To improve their reading habits and gain practice in critiquing and appraising research
  • To motivate to publish research articles in the reputed journals

Activities Planned

  • Journal club leaders are encourage pre-reading
  • Students are motivated to choose relevant papers
  • Helps to improve research paper writing
  • Make encouraging the students for paper presentations
  • Invite a visiting scientist to present their work.
  • Find a speaker who can discuss scientific careers.

Participants: UG and PG students

Date: July 17.07.2023, Monday

Time: 2 to 3 p.m

Venue: Computer Lab, 6th Floor, PG Block

Mode: Offline  

Guest Speaker: Dr.S.Uma Shankari, Assistant Professor

                        Department of MCA,

                        SRM IST S & H , Ramapuram , Chennai

Organizing Secretary:  Dr.J.Dhilipan,

                                      Vice Principal (Admin)/HOD,

                                      Department of Computer Science and Applications (MCA)

Convenor: Dr.T.Papitha Christobel, Assistant Professor/MCA

Student Co-Ordinators: B.Nithish Kumar & L.Mohamed Yousuf/ II MCA

Session Report

The Department of Computer Science & Applications (MCA) Organized the JOURNAL CLUB EVENT on E-Resourses for Researchers for MCA and BCA Data Science students on 17.07.2023 through Physical mode.

The aim of this event is to enhance research knowledge, encourage, guide and train students to participate research activities. Our Guest speaker Dr.S.Uma Shankari started the session by the introduction about E-resources for researcher’s offers an extensive range of academic materials, including Inflibnet, Major Activities of Inflibnet. She has explained the availability of online Free Latex Software in the market; they are ShodhSindhu, Shoshanna & Shodhshuddhi Online Free Latex Software available in the market. Then she focused with scholarly journal publication. How to remove the plagiarism from the manuscript. How to publish a paper in a reputed journal. She has motivated the students by mentioning that an innovative project work can be converted into research paper. She has shown the sample manuscript with standard format to the students. Finally Session Opened for the Questions, Dr.Uma Shankari handled all the queries effectively.  Entire session was very useful to the participants.