Date: 22/07/23

Time : 11.00am – 12.45pm

Venue : Gallery Hall 1 block V

Participants: 2nd and 3rd years under graduation

Organising secretary:

Dr. Chitra Srinivasan

(Professor and Head)


Ms. L. Monisha

(Assistant professor)

Mr. A. Hariharan

(Assistant professor)

Student coordinators:

Ms. Elamathi

(III b.com A)

Mr. Arun Kumar

(III b.com A)

At 11.00  the session started with MC addressing the crowd and

After the introduction of the session, Mr. S Vishal of III b.com E addressed the chief guest Ms. Harini Prasad, who is an active NSS participant, has started participating in Model United Nations Conference initially started as a delegate then organized the conference then been a chair person.

After graduation, started a career as a HR recruiter for AAA Technologies, soon promoted as a HR manager, now currently in the process of starting her own business that she will be inaugurating by the end of the year.

Moving on, our guest, Alumni, Harini Prasad took over the dais and introduced herself , then the students started to actively engage in an interactive session about work, career and recruitment.

The highlight of the session was the mock Interview segment conducted by our Alumni. Participants were given the opportunity to experience a job interview, which aimed to replicate a real-world scenario. Participants had an opportunity to be interviewed by our Alumni acting as interviewer

 It gave an Idea to the students about what questions could possibly be asked in an interview.  This initially indeed helped the students to understand how to answer a question raised by an interviewer and how to tackle critical questions.

Followed up by a few more questions and interaction, the event came to an end with a vote of thanks offered by Mr. K. Akash Shankar of II b.com A

Overall, the participants demonstrated enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. The mock interview session provided valuable insights into each participant’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Conclusion :

The career development session, including the mock interview, proved to be beneficial for all participants. By providing practical experience and constructive feedback, the session aimed to equip them with the necessary tools to succeed in their future interviews and career endeavors.