Alumni Talk Series – Path to Success

SRM Institute of Science and Technology Ramapuram Campus, College of Science and Humanities, organized an Alumni Talk Series – Path to Success for B.Sc CS students to provide career guidance and enhance employment opportunities. The program took place from July 7th to July 15th, 2023, online. The participants were third-year students registered for placements. The series featured two resource persons: Mr. Sivaraman Ashok Kumar, a Software Engineer from Symbiance, Chennai (2019-2022 Batch), and Mr. Mohammad Zaid Hussain, a Senior Software Engineer from Orion India Systems (2018-2021 Batch). Mr. Kumar discussed the scope and opportunities of B.Sc Computer Science in the IT industry, emphasizing self-confidence and mental stability for interviews, along with the importance of faculty guidance. Mr. Hussain shared his personal journey, highlighting challenges faced and lessons learned. He emphasized problem-solving and logical thinking skills, and advised students to stay updated with advanced technologies like chatgpt, bing, alexa, and apple siri through simple projects. He also stressed the significance of computer science projects in revolutionizing industries and finding solutions to real-world problems, promoting skill development and teamwork in the IT industry. The welcome address was given by Mr. D. Siva, Assistant Professor & Placement Coordinator, who urged students to make the most of the session for their placement preparation. The entire event proved to be useful and informative, providing valuable insights to all participants. The Convenor of the program was Mr. D. Siva, Assistant Professor.