The Department of Visual Communication conducted one day workshop on Cinematography on 28th July 2023 in Preview theatre, 6th floor, PG Dental Block from 10am to 4pm. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Akilesh Kathamuthu , a seasoned and accomplished cinematographer of Yaathisai – tamil movie with vast experience in the industry. The primary objectives of the workshop were to provide students with insights into the art and techniques of cinematography, allowing them to enhance their understanding of visual storytelling and film production. The welcome address was delivered by our Head of the Department Dr.V.Prabakaran and he felicitated the guest with a memento. Mr. Akilesh commenced the workshop by delving into the significance of cinematic language and its impact on storytelling. He elucidated various techniques that filmmakers employ to effectively convey emotions, moods, and narratives through visual elements. Students were introduced to essential camera techniques, including framing, composition, camera movements, and angles. Practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises allowed the students to grasp these concepts better. The cinematography workshop conducted by Mr. Akilesh Kathamuthu proved to be an invaluable learning experience for the Visual Communication students. Participants gained a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of visual storytelling and cinematographic techniques. The workshop not only enriched their theoretical knowledge but also provided them with practical skills they can apply in their future projects and careers. Overall, the workshop was a resounding success, leaving the participants inspired and motivated to explore the world of cinematography further in their creative endeavors. The event was coordinated by student coordinators of Rectangle film club and Ms.P.Yuvarani, Asst Professor, Department of Visual Communication, SRMIST.