Date: 22.09.2021

Time: 10 AM TO 11.30 AM

Venue: Online

No. of Participants: 150

Weblink :


Description of the Event/Objective:

Students with different ideas and innovations, shared their experiences to their peers in the following topics as,

  • Mr. Ganesh S of II MCA, discussed about the project ideas in web Applications, and he briefly described about the Frontend and backend.
  • Mr. Yashwanth K and Ms. Akshaya R of II MCA elaborated about Project ideas on NLP (Natural language processing), they gave many real-time examples of using NLP , and future scope in NLP.
  • Ms. Prema S of II MCA about Project ideas on Waste Management System, She Explained briefly about the garbage monitoring system and the changes to be made for future implementation.
  • Ms. Nithya R and Mr. Chiranjeevi of II MCA about Project ideas on Real world impact of 5G. They explained about How 5G will change everything and is the world ready for 5G.
  • Ms. Sameena Aafreen and Mr. Vishal of II MCA about Project ideas about Smart Casa(Home)-IoT. They explained how the world is evolving and how to adapt to it. They also displayed some of the working models which are regarding Smart Homes.
  • Mr. Naveen James and Mr. Abishek of II MCA about Project ideas about Machine learning.