f/8 F O T O C L U B – A Photography Club Photography Workshop | 28.07.2023(Friday) Afternoon Session: 1.00 PM to 3.00 PM Venue: Block V, Gallery Hall 3rd Floor. Staff Co-Ordinator: Mr. M.Diwakar (Assistant Professor – Vis Com) Participants : Photography club members in Visual Communication

WELCOME ADDRESS : Mr. M.Diwakar, Assistant Professor presented the welcome address.

➔ The session started with an interaction and students were explained about the benefits of the photography club.

➔ The session continued with a PPT presentation about the three pillars of photography.

➔ The basic photography tools are explained practically with immediate output.

➔ Each student handled the camera and got hands-on experience.

➔ Then the entire session was opened to the students to clarify their doubts about photography and handling the camera.

➔ Students benefited on understanding of three pillars of photography with live demo session.

➔ Students also learned how to handle camera and how to control the basic settings.